Airsoft tips for competition practice and training drills
- Monday, January 04, 2021

Here’s some airsoft practice tips from shooting competitor Deb Ferns of Babes with Bullets. She’s been using airsoft rifles from Elite Force and Umarex for a while now after running into the guys from Gnat Warfare, a company that sets up interactive ranges for events. Whether it’s to introduce someone new to the shooting sports or to get some additional practice and trigger time in when sending live powder rounds down range just isn’t possible, Deb has found ways to use airsoft to her advantage.

Airsoft Guns at the Ready

Deb said to “make it easy and ready to go.” Being ready means available on a whim to head to a range or a safe setup in your backyard or garage when the desire to practice strikes you. Put together a plastic box with easy latches and carry handle that has an airsoft handgun inside (with a hole tapped in the base plate for easy access), a bottle of green gas or CO2 (whichever your pistol uses), a bottle of Elite Force BBs, speed reloader, a target with a sticky back, a clear pair of shooting glasses, and a short barrel rod for jams if they happen.

If you don’t want to spend the money on adhesive backed targets you can do what Deb does most often and just use cheap construction paper or paper plates. Just remember to throw in a stable gun or strong tape into your airsoft box or case so you can stick your “target” to the box or target backer you’re using. You could use an old pillow pushed into a lawn chair so BBs don’t bounce back. Don’t put your target up against a hard wall or back of a garage door. You could even put a cheap tarp under the chair to catch the airsoft BBs. Otherwise, use Biodegradable airsoft BBs that degrade over time so you don’t have to worry too much about them.

Your airsoft targets can be as homemade or professional as you like them and they can be as cheap or expensive as your shooting hobby will allow. Just remember airsoft BBs can ricochet, so be mindful of what you adhere your targets to and always wear the eyepro you keep in your airsoft case.

Simple Airsoft Mods and Range Tips

Some green gas airsoft pistols from Elite Force have a base plate that has to be slid back or removed to access the green gas port. With basic skills and a little safety precaution you can drill a hole in the base plate so you don’t have to slide it out of the way just to add more Elite Force Fuel. Make the hole slightly larger than the fill nipple on the green gas can. Then you can just leave the base plate in place and fill the gas right through it. Saves a step!

Green gas magazines should be kept out of heat or the silicone wears out and it won’t hold the green gas (been there/done that.) CO2 pistols and valves can also lock up once it heats up too much so keep those shaded as well. Don’t keep a CO2 cartridge in your airsoft pistol. The constant pressure will deteriorate the seal. And be sure to keep a can of Slick or silicone oil around so you can put a drop of it on the tip of the CO2 cartridge each time you load one. This just keeps things lubricated and in good working condition.

Treat your airsoft gun just as you would a firearm. Follow the main gun safety rules that we use for every gun. You should adhere them inside the lid of your airsoft ready kit. Even put them on your refrigerator. Whether you shoot firearms or not, treating your airsoft guns with the same respect and rules will translate to safe gun handling no matter which platform you’re using.

~Elite Force Airsoft with excerpts provided by Deb Ferns of Babes with Bullets.