- Monday, July 02, 2018

A while back an employee at Archangel Airsoft was having some really nasty family and home life issues. Where once this person brought the field and store a degree of vibrancy, he was now just struggling to make it day by day.

The day the VFC Avalons came in stock, Goose came in the store and saw the employee unpacking the order. Goose initially came in to purchase his own Avalon, but offered and purchased an Avalon for the distraught employee. This was a big deal and tipping point for the employee. This was a catalyst that gave him a “light at the end of the tunnel”. This is one of the few times I’ve seen airsoft “rescue” someone who was going through some big real-life issues. I can’t say enough about Goose. If anyone has earned an award for outstanding behavior in airsoft, it’s Goose.