How to get your girl to play airsoft
- Thursday, March 05, 2020

It’s a tale as old as (airsoft) time. You have this hobby that you LOVE, but you only get a few days a month to play airsoft, if you’re lucky. Since free time is highly valued, and relationships take up a significant amount of free time, you want to be able to share this hobby with your best friend and partner. Just HOW do you get your girl to play airsoft?

DOs and DON’Ts of Sharing Your Airsoft Hobby

First, let’s talk about the DOs and DON’Ts. In your enthusiasm to share your hobby, it can be easy to forget just how big the learning curve is for someone that is getting involved in airsoft for the first time. Before you baptize your girlfriend/wife/partner into the airsoft fire, read through this list of do’s and don’ts.

DO NOT start by shooting your girlfriend with your favorite airsoft gun.
DO let her shoot you with your favorite airsoft gun. As an avid airsofter, you’re used to getting shot by 6mm Elite Force BB’s, so no complaining if your girl turns out to be a good shot!

DO NOT just hand your girl an airsoft gun (or any gun, for that matter) and expect her to know how everything works.
DO let her pick a gun that she would like to learn about, teach her how the airsoft gun works (how/where to put the battery, how to load mags, how to know when it is dry-firing, how to change mags, how to sight in on a target, how to properly hold and manipulate the airsoft gun, etc.) This is also the perfect time to teach her the 4 rules of firearm safety. Everyone that plays airsoft should know and abide by these rules:

DO NOT show her cheater videos, videos with injuries or any other videos that can be construed as dangerous, painful, or unfair.
DO show her videos of women dominating on the airsoft field.

DO NOT take her to play airsoft for the first time in a high-intensity CQB environment with full-auto. No girl wants to get bruised and bloodied on her first airsoft experience. Additionally, it’s hard to learn about a sport/hobby when you are in a high-intensity situation.
DO take her to an airsoft field where she can hang back, shoot from longer ranges, and get comfortable with her gun.

DO NOT leave her alone on the field. Unless you want to be single.
DO stay with her and help her with tactics; allowing her to gain confidence in her abilities.

DO NOT give her a giant gun, a heavy gun, or a crappy airsoft gun.
DO give her the best gun in your arsenal. You wouldn’t want to play with a crappy gun; don’t force someone new to airsoft to use something that you wouldn’t use yourself. People are bound to have more fun with a high-performance gun, like the Elite Force Avalon.

Unicorn Leah Airsoft Girl

DO NOT place her in bulky gear that is too big for her frame. Girls want to look and feel good about themselves, and looking like the Michelin Man isn’t going to inspire her to play.
DO find gear that she is comfortable in; that gives her protection, while also allowing her dexterity and movement.

DO NOT expect her to be able to pick her own guns and gear. If she is brand new to the hobby, she won’t know anything about the benefits or drawbacks of certain guns and gear.
DO give her lots of options and explain the benefits and drawbacks to her so that she can pick the setup that allows her to be the most comfortable.

DO NOT take her to a field without first letting her test out the guns and gear in a comfortable place (like a backyard). Again, no one wants to be learning how the guns and gear works in a high-pressure situation.
DO let her test out the guns and gear in the backyard, give her targets, and let her become familiar with the equipment before taking her to a field.

DO NOT just fix things. Walk and talk her through it. Let her discover how things work. This will boost her confidence in the airsoft rifle or pistol she’s using.
DO be patient with your boo. The old saying, “love is patient”, certainly applies here.

You (should) Know Her Best!

Desert Fox Unicorn Leah

This list of do’s and don’ts isn’t an end all be all list of commandments. Every female is different and unique, and you know your partner best, so use the suggestions from this list at your discretion. Keep in mind that the best way to get someone involved in your hobby is to show the benefits, uses, and finally and most important- the FUN of airsoft. Everyone likes to have fun, so try to make her first few airsoft experiences as enjoyable as possible.

Lastly, keep an open mind. Everyone is different, and your partner may like a different style of airsoft than you do. There are TONS of different ways to play airsoft, whether it be pick-up games, hardcore milsims (like Milsim West), milsim-lite cosplay events like DesertFox Events, speedsoft, or just fun backyard games or target shooting. Whatever she enjoys, encourage it! Even if it isn’t your cup of tea – just be glad that your girl is supportive of your hobby. And if she isn’t into airsoft, don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world. At least you can count yourself in the minority of airsofters who actually have a girlfriend. 😉

By: Leah Del Castillo (Unicorn